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4 filter ultra filtration system

Four Filters to Freedom—Pure Water

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The 4-Filter Ultrafiltration System is your ultimate solution for an endless supply of crystal-clear, purified drinking water. Designed with innovation at its core, this cutting-edge system is here to redefine what you expect from your water, directly from your Bottleless water cooler.





Upgrade your water quality effortlessly with our 4-Filter Ultrafiltration System. Designed for high-traffic areas like offices, this system provides pure, delicious drinking water. 100,000 Gallons Purified Yearly. Choose between 4-stage ultrafiltration or 4-stage reverse osmosis with sediment, pre-carbon, and post-carbon filters. Ideal for Bottleless Water coolers, it’s your Best Reverse Osmosis Solution. Get Bottleless Water Filtration Systems for your office and Elevate your water quality today!

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Why Choose Multi-Stage Filtration Systems

Opting for multi-stage filtration systems guarantees comprehensive purification by targeting various contaminants. Each stage addresses specific impurities, ranging from larger sediments to microscopic particles, thereby significantly enhancing water quality. This meticulous approach not only ensures cleaner and safer drinking water but also supports overall health and enhances taste and odor. Consequently, multi-stage filtration emerges as the best water filter solution for your business to ensure top-notch water quality, both in residential and commercial settings. Removes 99% chemicals & heavy metals from your water. Beats competitors for providing 99% Pure Water at $360/Year.

Installation Process of the System

The 4-Filter Ultrafiltration System typically involves professional setup, ensuring proper connection to the water supply and secure installation of each filter component. This ensures that the system functions correctly and efficiently. Here are the steps for installation of this Bottleless water cooler:

Location Selection

Choosing a suitable location near a water supply and drainage, ensuring easy access for maintenance.

Water Supply Connection

Free up storage space by getting rid of those 5-gallon jugs or cases of bottled water.

Filter Installation

Install each filter according to the system’s layout, ensuring they are securely in place and oriented correctly for optimal filtration.

System Checks

Perform thorough checks for leaks, test the water flow, and ensure the system operates correctly, making adjustments as necessary.


Begin by contacting us, we will guide you through the selection process, installation, and offer a 7 days free trial period to ensure satisfaction.

Yes, the system offers flexibility to relocate the cooler to meet your changing needs or preferences.

You have the option to switch to a different model that better suits your capacity needs or type preferences at any time.

The service plan includes comprehensive billing, filter changes, and service calls to ensure your cooler operates efficiently.

Client Testimonials

Aweson product, great customer service – highly recommend Business Water Solutions!


Great service ans best tasting filtered water service in Tennessee. My employees and I love our new water dispenser!


I love this water system for so many reasons! Thank you!


Very professional service! Water taste great and less bulk compared to my old set up!

Andy's Garage

We love our Business Water Solutions water!!

Lieberman Family Chiropractic

Thanks so much for doing a great job. We love our new system!

Hi-Tech Signs and Ad Specialties

BWS did a great job! Extremely fast turn around time. A friendly, capable and professional crew all around. We hope to be adding an additional unit next week.

La Scala Mediterranean Bistro
4 filter ultra filtration system
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