Bottleless Water Coolers

At Business Water Solutions, we are dedicated to providing superior hydration solutions with our state-of-the-art bottleless water coolers. Experience the purity of Wellsys water with our advanced Wellsys water coolers W5, Wellsys W7, Wellsys W9 + W9CT and Ion Sparkling Water designed to cater to the specific needs of your business environment. Our systems, known for their reliability and efficiency, offer a sustainable alternative to traditional bottled water, aligning with your company’s eco-friendly goals. Choose Business Water Solutions for your hydration needs and join countless other businesses that trust our bottleless water coolers to provide safe, delicious water every day.

Wellsys W5

Innovative Design & Technology

The Wellsys W5 Water Dispenser offers hot and cold water with antimicrobial touch surfaces. With its taller design and larger filling area, this bottleless water cooler is ideal for most offices, warehouses, gyms, and schools.

  • Cold Water Capacity – 1.6 Gallons
  • Hot Water Capacity – 0.7 Gallon
  • Dispense Height – 10″
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Wellsys W7

Touch-Activated Dispense Sensors

This Standing tall and slim office water cooler by the Wellsys W7 utilizes the latest in water purification technology as well as touch-activated switch dispensing technology. Explore a variety of office water coolers to ensure your team has access to unlimited, fresh drinking water.

  • Cold Water Capacity – 1.6 Gallons
  • Hot Water Capacity – 0.7 Gallon
  • Dispense Height – 12.25″
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Wellsys W9 + W9CT

Compact & Efficient

Standing tall or nestled on your countertop, the Wellsys W9 or W9CT water dispenser is the perfect addition to your office. Crisp cold water and hot water on demand, all with a touchless dispensing sensor activated by switch.

  • Cold Water Capacity – 1 -2.1 Gallons
  • Hot Water Capacity – 0.5 – 1.3 Gallons
  • Dispense Height – 10.7″ – 12.25″
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ION Sparkling Water

Ion Sparkling Water Cooler
Enjoy Ice-Cold Bubbly Refreshment!

With a small, compact design and zero internal storage, the ION Sparkling Water cooler sits neatly on top of most countertops. Each glass is fresh and on-demand, making this water cooler the healthier alternative to plastic water jugs and sugary carbonated drinks.

  • Cold Water Capacity – 8 Gallons
  • Hot Water Capacity – 2 Gallons
  • Dispense Height – 9″
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