Ion Sparkling Water Cooler

ION Sparkling Water

Enjoy Ice-Cold Bubbly Refreshment!

The ION Sparkling Water bottleless cooler from Business Water Solutions is the perfect refreshment station for smart companies switching to bottleless water coolers.

  • Hot Water

  • Cold Water

  • Sparkling Water

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With a small, compact design and zero internal storage, the ION Sparkling Water cooler sits neatly on top of most countertops. Each glass is fresh and on-demand, making this water cooler the healthier alternative to plastic water jugs and sugary carbonated drinks.

  • Hot, Cold, & Ambient water options
  • Bubby CO2 injection at the push of a button
  • A cost-effective solution to sodas and energy drinks
  • No added sweeteners
  • Space-saving

The ION Sparkling bottleless water cooler is an elegant addition to your office breakroom or waiting room. Your employees and guests can enjoy crisp cold water, hot water for teas, or bubbly H2O. Want something more? Try adding some lemon, lime, or a flavoring of your choice for an even more enjoyable hydration experience.

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Dimensions 16.1″H x 13″W x 17″D
Cold Water Capacity 8 Gallons
Hot Water Capacity 2 Gallons
Dispense Height 9″

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Why Go Bottleless?

Bottleless water coolers are the future of the water industry. By replacing plastic jugs and bottles of water, organizations feel confident in the drinking water they’re supplying employees and guests.


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