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Business Water Solutions offers the cleanest drinking water available through innovative bottleless water coolers and ice machines. We are committed to providing quality products and services throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

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Bottleless water coolers provide refreshing, great-tasting water while eliminating single-use plastic to keep our oceans and landfills plastic-free. Plus, with our multi-stage filtration process, you can rest assured it’s fresh, and it’s clean.

Did your business already banish the big blue bottles from your office? Great job! Now, it’s essential to make sure you know what your filtration system is doing. After all, your body shouldn’t have to filter out what’s left in your drinking water after it’s left the local processing plant.

With a Business Water Solutions 5-Stage Filtration System, you’ll have the luxury of a water purification plant in your office. Talk about freshly squeezed water! Give it a try for FREE for 7 days!

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Let’s Help Mother Earth By Going Bottleless!

Join us on this incredible journey of creating a healthier planet, one plastic jug at a time. Together, we’ll make a splash and leave a positive impact on Mother Earth by reducing carbon emissions, plastic waster, and harmful toxins. Oh! And we’ll keep the office hydrated, happy, and healthy along the way.

If you’re ready to make a change and kick those 5-gallon jugs to the curb, then Business Water Solutions wants to talk to you! Our planet (and your pocket) will thank you.

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Stop using plastic water bottles and help save the environment from single-use.

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Save Space

Free up storage space by getting rid of those 5-gallon jugs or cases of bottled water.

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Water Purification

Eliminate harmful germs, chemicals, and sediments in your drinking water.

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Keep your employees hydrated and focused throughout the entire day.


4 Simple Steps:

  1. Give us a call and we will work with you to decide what cooler is best for your business.
  2. We will bring the cooler over and install it either in the probable permanent location or if you prefer, a temporary location for you to try it out.
  3. Spend the next week enjoying delicious filtered water for you and your staff with no heavy lifting.
  4. After the 7 days are up and you have experienced the convenience of your BWS cooler, we will set up your billing and payment terms.
NO PROBLEM. We will come over and move the cooler to the location you want
NO PROBLEM. We will come over and help you figure out exactly what cooler you need.
We make it easy! One payment covers the cooler, filter changes, and any service calls. If anything needs to be done, just call us and we will take care of it.

I don’t even understand your question. Just kidding, in the event the cooler just doesn’t work for your business at the end of the trial, we will come back and pick it up and get it out of your way. Keep in mind in the event we had to drill any holes to install the cooler we won’t be able to put those back like they were, but we will do our best to make it look good.

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