Follett 7 bottleless water cooler

Follett 7/15

Sleek, Durable Water & Ice Cooler

The Follet bottleless water and ice machines from Business Water Solutions produce up to 125 LBS of ice in a single day.

  • Cold Water

  • Chewblet Ice

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With storage capabilities of up to 7 LBS of ice, the Follett 7 is the perfect option for smaller offices, clinics, and lobbies. The Follett 15 bottleless water and ice cooler can store up to 15 LBS of ice, making it the go-to option for healthcare facilities and larger commercial offices with more employees. Both systems are designed to operate with any of our multi-stage filtration systems to provide your office breakroom or facility with pure, clean hydration.

  • Optional base stand
  • Drainless
  • Sleek design
  • Produces cold water & chewable ice
  • Agion antimicrobial construction

Eliminate cross-contamination between your employees and get rid of the plastic ice scoop when you make the switch to the Follet 7 or Follet 15 bottleless water and ice machine. The compact and sleek design gives you ultimate placement flexibility and can fit perfectly within your cabinetry underneath the countertops.

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Dimensions 17.62″H x 14.62″W x 22.12″D
Ice Production 125 lbs
Ice Storage Capacity 7 lbs


Dimensions 22.5″H x 14.62″W x 23.5″D
Ice Production 125 lbs
Ice Storage Capacity 15 lbs

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Why Go Bottleless?

Bottleless water coolers are the future of the water industry. By replacing plastic jugs and bottles of water, organizations feel confident in the drinking water they’re supplying employees and guests.


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